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Bright Knight Cafe Coordinator: Ms. Martine Grant,



Bright Knight School Store

Bright Knight School Store

●Students run our in-house school store

●Students learn, customer service, inventory management, and reporting skills


Items Sold in Bright Knight Cafe

Name Category Price ($)
Fiji Water 500ML Beverage 1.5
Ice Sparkling Beverage 1.25
Naked Variety pk Beverage 2
Ocean Spray Cranberry Beverage 0.5
Poland Spring 40/.5L Beverage 1
Poland Spring 8oz Beverage 0.5
Smart Water Beverage 2
Smart Water 1 Liter (small) Beverage 2
Starbucks House Blend (72) K-Cups Beverage 0.9
Tropicana Apple Juice 24/10oz Beverage 1
Tropicana Cranberry Juice 24/10oz Beverage 1
Tropicana Grapefruit 24/10oz Beverage 1
Tropicana Orange Juice 24/10oz Beverage 1
V8 Splash Variety Beverage 2
Vitamin Water Zero, Variety 20/20oz Beverage 1.5
Apple Green Fruit 1
Banana Fruit 0.75
Fruit Cup Fruit 2
Flash Drive Verbatim 4GB School Supplies 7
Folders variety 2pocket w/fasteners School Supplies 0.5
Kleenex School Supplies 0.5
Lock School Supplies 5
Notebooks 1 Subject standard rule School Supplies 0.75
Pen Black School Supplies 0.25
Pencil School Supplies 0.25
Animal Crackers Snack 0.5
Belvita Blue Berry Crackers 1.75oz, 25ct Snack 1
Belvita Cinnamon Brown Sugar 1.76oz 25ct Snack 1
Cape Cod chips Snack 1
Cheese Frigo String 60/1z Snack 0.5
Cheez It Whole Grain Snack 0.5
Cheez-It Original 45/1.5 oz Snack 0.75
Chewy Granola Bar Quaker Variety Pack Snack 0.5
Fig Newton Single 24ct/2oz Snack 0.5
Fruity Cheerios Cereal Bars Snack 1
Goldfish Crackers 1oz Snack 0.5
Halls Stck Ice Blue 20ct/9p Snack 1.25
Halls Stck Spearmint 20ct/9p Snack 1.25
Halls Strawberry 20st/9pc Snack 1.25
Hummus Snack 1.5
Jif To-Go Snack 0.5
Kashi Granola Bar Chewy Cherry Choc Snack 1
Lorna Doone 30ct Snack 0.5
Nature Valley Oats & Honey Snack 1
Nutella & Go 12/1.8z Snack 1.5
Nutri-Grain Bar Apple Cin Snack 1
Orange Juice Bar 3 oz. Snack 0.5
Planters  Salted Peanuts 48/1z Snack 0.5
Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts Snack 0.5
Popcorn White Cheddar (Smart Food) Snack 0.75
Pop-Tart Br Sugar Wh Grain Snack 1
Pop-Tart Straw Wh Grain Snack 1
Pretzels Snack 0.5
Pudding Snack Pack Variety Snack 0.75
Rice Krispie small Snack 0.5
Rice Krispie Treats Whole Grains Snack 1
Ritz Bits Cheese Crackers 12/1oz Snack 1
Ritz Crackers Snack 1
Ritz Crackers Whole Grain Snack 1
Skinny Pop Snack 1
Special K Cracker Chips Cheddar Snack 1
Special K Cracker Chips Sea Salt Snack 1
Special K Cracker Chips Sour Cr Onion Snack 1
Sun Chips Variety Snack 1
Tic Tac Orange Snack 1.5
Tic Tac Wintergreen Snack 1.5
Veggie Straws Variety Snack 1
Welch's Large 36/2.25 oz Snack 1
Welch's Small  80/0.9oz Snack 0.25
Yoplait Snack 1
Red Sweater 1 (Small) Staff Staff Apparel 10
Red Sweater 2 (Medium) Staff Staff Apparel 10
Red Sweater 3 (Large) Staff Staff Apparel 10
Polo 1(Girls Small) Uniform 15
Polo 2 (Small) Uniform 15
Polo 3 (Medium) Uniform 15
Polo 4 (Large) Uniform 15
Polo 5 (XL) Uniform 15
Polo 6 (XXL) Uniform 15
Polo 7 (3X) Uniform 15
Sweatshirt 1 (Youth Large) Uniform 20
Sweatshirt 2 (Small) Uniform 20
Sweatshirt 3 (Medium) Uniform 20
Sweatshirt 4 (Large) Uniform 20
Sweatshirt 5 (XL) Uniform 20
Sweatshirt 6 (2XL) Uniform 20
V-neck 1 (XS) Uniform 15
V-neck 2 (Small) Uniform 15
V-neck 3 (Medium) Uniform 15
V-neck 4 (Large) Uniform 15
V-neck 5 (XL) Uniform 15
V-neck 6 (XXL) Uniform 15
V-neck Sweater Small Uniform 20