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The Castle

Who we are?

THE CASTLE is an in-school branch of North Jersey Federal Credit Union (NJFCU).  NJFCU is a full-service financial institution.  It was founded in 1936, and today serves over 30,000 members, with over $200 million in assets.


In response to the State of New Jersey's commitment  to incorporate financial literacy in our public high schools, North Jersey Federal Credit Union joined forces with Paterson Public Schools to establish THE CASTLE back in 2011.


THE CASTLE is NJFCUs way of giving back to the community it serves.  Select BTMF students are trained and serve as interns under the supervision of a full-time NJFCU employee along with an assigned Structured Learning Experience (SLE) teacher.

Students interns receive hands-on work experience as tellers, develop personal finance skills, and participate in marketing campaigns to promote the branch’s services.  

THE CASTLE’s mission is to motivate all students of John F. Kennedy Educational Complex with information, advice, tips, and reminders to help them on their path towards reaching their savings goals.  Our interns strive to continually fulfill this mission via the work that is done within the branch, classroom presentations, and building-wide marketing campaigns.

Members concerned about their personal information being looked at by student tellers, it’s kept private.


All staff and students from John F. Kennedy Educational Complex are eligible and welcomed to join NJFCU and take full advantage of all that being a part of this credit union has to offer.


For more information, stop by THE CASTLE located on the 1st floor SET wing near the main lobby and front cafeteria.  


THE CASTLE   "Where Knights Do Their Banking."