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Resources in Math


Student of The Month Nomination

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Lym, So Yoon  Email:


Name Email
Brown, Diana
Brown, Suzette
Capouet, Nicole
Grant, Martine
Hernandez, Edwin
Kelly, Timothy
Mower, Veronica
English Language Arts
Name Email
Ahmed, Sarin
Cohn, Thaddeus
Guerra, Ronny
James, Delano    
Laidlaw, Lorraine
McClure, Vanessa

English as a Second Language

Beco, Isaura Email:
Mendez, Ileana Email:
History / Social Study
Name Email
Alburg, Maryke
Vanderstarre, Merlyn 
Yacono, Mark 
Velazquez, Judith 



Aanonsen, Lisa  View Website Email:
Chowhan, Mary  Email:

Drozdowski, Amanda 
Hanafi, Sameera  View Website Email:                  
Musa, Nurdan Email:
Vargas, Anny   View Webpage Email:
 Zea, Uriel  Email:
Zimmer, Eileen Email:

Physical Education/Health

Giglio, Paul  Email:
Rosen, Blake  Email:
Schultz, Nicole  Email:
Trisuzzi, James Email:




Abyad, Janet Email:
Escorcia, Sobeida           Email:
Dow, Marcella Email:
Itani, Basima View Website Email:
Kahn, Mojtaba Email:

Special Education

Arnone, Patricia Email:
Bumbaco, Vivian Email:
Ekanem, Mary Email:
Feoli, Joseph Email:
Fuller, Nicole Email:
Gilmore, Marci Email:
Hall, Reggie Email:
Holmes, Walter Email:
Nurdan, musa Email:
Pinkett, Travelle Email:
Plesniarski, Christine Email:
Robinson, Sherry


Sherman, Kara Email:
Singletary, Raegan Email:
Slappy, Jamal Email:
Smith, Jaqueline Email:
Sullivan, John Email:
Zaman, Jakeya Email:


Name Email
Ricardo, Llanos
Guzman, Denise
Bien-Aime, Edred

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