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PD Resources

Title Resources/Tutorial Contact Person
Remind Resources/Tutorial Itani
Newsela Resources/Tutorial S Ahmet
GoogleSite Resources/Tutorial Aanonsen / Robles
Flippity lll Resources/Tutorial

Lisa Aanonsen & Erika Robles

Integrating Google Classroom w/ Common Core


Resources/Tutorial Ms. Hanafi
EdPuzzle   Ms. Grant

Google Slide


  Ms. Suzette Brown
Zip Grade   Ms. Itani
Google Extensions for Annotation   Ms. Ahmed
Google Extensions for Productivity   Ms. Robles
Differentiated Instruction with Google Classroom   Ms. Itani
Student Self Monitoring with Google Forms   Ms. Grant & Ms. Howard
Break Out   Lisa Aanonsen & Erika Robles
Fluberoo with Google Forms   Ms. Grant



Digital Forms


NJECC Conference 2017